April 6, 2016

Outfit Inspiration: Wedding Attire for Under $50

What do I wear for a spring wedding? Sales on wedding clothes, outfit ideas for a wedding

I was looking for blog ideas for today and one of my friends mentioned that wedding season is coming up and she would love some outfit ideas (and sales). Here are some of my favorite dresses, shoes, and bags that are perfect for weddings - and all for under $50! And while I was looking at clutches, I found this faux leather crossbody bag for only $18 (reg $36) + free shipping. I also saw that the very popular Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch went on sale (the first time I have ever seen it marked down), also in brown.

Please read to the end of this post to see my PSA about online boutiques. I would really like to know what you think. Thanks!

Sleeveless Dresses

Merona | Leith | ASOS | Sequin Hearts | Tahari what to wear to a wedding, dress

Cap Sleeve Dresses

Tahari | Marina | Tahari | XOXO | London Times, what to wear to a spring wedding, dresses, cap sleeve

Long Sleeve Dresses

Brigitte Bailey | WAYF | Laundry by Shelli Segal | Tahari | Marina, what to wear to a wedding, long sleeve dresses on sale,

Brigitte Bailey | WAYF | Laundry by Shelli Segal | Tahari | Marina
Did you see the Today segment or article "Say No to the Dress"? My good friend sent it to me and, sadly, I am not at all surprised. Many of the online boutique "deals" you see on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other through ads are not all that they are cracked up to be. Many of these companies just steal online pictures from fashion bloggers and then sell a completely different product. How else can they sell what looks online like a $200 dress for only $12?!?!?! Here is an example. This listing from Romwe shows this beautiful dress on popular fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur for only $13, but in fact, this is really a Lovers + Friends dress from 2013. Or see this listing from Romwe that shows a picture of Julie Sarinana from Sincerely, Jules wearing a leopard print code that is really from Zara in 2014. Horrible!

This really stinks for the "real" online boutiques that want to offer unique and quality products for a fair price. My main piece of advice is to make sure they will accept returns if you are unhappy with your product. It's even better if you can confirm that they are based somewhere in the US with reasonable shipping times. It also doesn't hurt to do a little research on the company before you order.

On that note, do you want to see what my husband accidentally purchased from one of these companies? He was trying to order me a pair of fair isle leggings last year for Christmas, and instead, these came two weeks after Christmas and were definitely not what he ordered. (See them here.) He tried to get the online company to send the right thing, but they wanted him to pay overseas shipping to send the incorrect pair back (which cost more than the product in the first place) before they would send the correct pair - and it was all their mistake! We gave up - never again.

At Wear It For Less I try to find quality products that are on sale. Sometimes you have to wait a little longer to get the pieces that you want, but I prefer to wait for the better quality pieces at better prices. (And sometimes it feels like a jackpot when something finally goes on sale.) I also don't mind shopping the less expensive stores like TargetForever 21H&MASOS, etc. for the more trendy pieces that I might not be wearing in a year or two. The quality isn't as good, but the prices are fair.


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  2. So you post a PSA against purchasing from sites like Romwe, but you're sure to post five affiliate links to Romwe's site?

    1. If I'm going to link to them, I may as well go through ShopSense. Either way you would be pointed to their site to see the examples.

    2. So you used the links so you can make money on products that you recommend your readers not buy? Shady.

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